The Tour Operators Association of Assam (TOAA) was formed on 08 August, 2009 in the conference hall of Prashanti Tourist Lodge, Directorate Of Assam Tourism complex, Panbazar Guwahati with an aim to unite all the stake holders of tourism in Assam to facilitate a common goal of tourism development in the state. TOAA got formally registered under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860 on 16 June, 2010 by the Registrar of Societies, Assam.

Assam, located in the North East part of India, is rich both culturally and naturally. It is also known as the tea land with a share of more than 20% to the total world production. Assam is also blessed with minerals especially petroleum. It has four oil refineries including Digboi oil refinery which is one of the oldest in the world with oilfields still producing oil. Assam is inhabited by various ethnic groups with their distinctive cultures, traditions and ways of life.

Assam is a major part of North East India which is a bio-diversity hotspot in the world. To protect this rich and unique bio-diversity is a tough task for the government. As wildlife Tourism is a major tool through which we can involve locals of the wildlife area in the conservation of nature which will also make them earn a livelihood, TOAA is very much concerned about the conservation of Assamís rich and unique biodiversity in these hard times of gradual environmental degradation.

The Tour Operators Association Of Assam (TOAA) is the apex body of Tour Operators from Assam. It has members covering all segments of the Tourism Industry.

TOAA makes it a point to interact closely with the Government on all critical Issues affecting the Tourism Industry in Assam. All TOAA members maintain the highest standards of professionalism while offering personalized services to their guests.

Being the stateís Apex Body of the Tourism industry, TOAA is always actively associated to its social responsibilities. All TOAA members actively participate in meeting their Social Obligations during natural calamities and any cause of Assam that needs its attention.

TOAA has two categories of membership: Active and Associate. All tour operators belong to the active category while the Associate membership is for the rest of the stake holders in the tourism industry including educational institutions offering tourism management courses. Most of its members are also recognized either by the Ministry of Tourism, Government Of India or the Department of Tourism, Government Of Assam.

TOAA's affairs are managed by an Executive Committee, elected by the Active Members every two years. Headed by the President, the Executive Committee has a team of eight Office Bearers and ten Executive Members.



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